Frequently asked questions

What does your subscription offer?

Gainz Gang subscription offers you access to our stock alerts, chat, private facebook group, and learning material. Stock Alerts- Our alerts are sent throughout the day Monday-Friday. We will alert you with breaking stock, news, stock price spikes, or when we feel there is a good reason to buy. Gainz Gain will explain as much as possible in our alerts making it easy to understand for beginners. Chat- You will have access to the Gainz Gang general chat. This is where you can ask questions and also get feedback from other members in the group. Private Admin Help- You will have access to contact the Admin directly for any questions you may have. Private Facebook Group- You will have access to our group facebook group where we post basic educational information as well as certain stock news and other various posts. Education Material- You will have access to a telegram channel that we will post all educational material. This will guide you on the things we find most important to learn for beginners.

What trading platform should I sign up with?

Below are the two main trading platforms we use with sign up link included for free shares. Webull: Pro- Great for after market and pre market trading which many other platforms don't offer. Great charts, news, and comment sections. Cons- A little more difficult to use for beginners. Robinhood: Pro- User friendly Cons- Charts are very basic and no after hours and pre market trading.

How much money should I start investing with?

There is a saying we have in the trading world which is "only trade with what you can afford to lose". You can literally get started with any amount of money thanks to fractional shares that you can purchase on platforms like Robinhood. You should do your budget and see what you can afford to start your stock market journey with.

When should I sell?

This is a question that is asked often, but really hard to give a clear answer to. Of course none of us have a crystal ball and know when the best time to sell. The one thing I do see many traders do that ends up costing them in the long run is getting greedy. Don't let greed force you to hold on longer than you should.

What is a Stock?

A stock or share (used interchangeably) is an instrument that represents ownership within a company or corporation.

What is a Day Trade?

A day trade is when you buy and sell a stock within the same stock trading day.

How many day trades can I do in a week?

On Robinhood you can do 3-day trades in a five-day trading period in which resets based on the day of your last day trade.

How can I get unlimited day trades?

On Robinhood your account must be over 25k or you must sign up for a cash account,

Can I contact you if I get lost in the process?

Of course! Feel free to e-mail us and our team has no problem walking you through any obstacles that you may come across, and appointments can be made via telephone if need be.

How does the referral pay out system work?

Payouts will be sent out via PayPal between the 1st and the 5th of every month. When a referral comes through, our team will make note of who the new subscriber was referred by and will be accompanied with a text message to you to let you know that your subscriber has both paid and has been notated under your name. Depending on the subscription that your referral chooses you will be paid out accordingly. If they sign up for the 6-month subscription you will be paid $5 if they sign up for the 1-year subscription you will be paid $10.

How much money can I make?

There is no cap to the amount of money you can make in a month. You are your own boss.